Premium Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

   High in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids (1.5g/4oz. serving)

   Caught fresh from the Bering Sea 

   Wild, not Farmed -- no PCB's, heavy metals, or dyes        

   Boneless, skin-on fillets

   Flash-frozen -- Never thawed

   Fresh, out-of-the-ocean taste for up to 2 years or more

   Individually vacuum packed

   Available in Whole Fillets or Fillet Portions

100% Sustainable as designated by the Marine Stewardship Council


Available at:
Royal Oak Farmers Market most Saturdays throughout the year.  Market hours 7 a.m. to 1 p.m

**PRICES, availability, and package sizes change frequently, especially during Covid times.  This is everything I may have this spring/summer 2020 and the prices are the highest they could be at any given time, based on a number of factors including shipping, storage, and sales volume.  If I can't sell it for retail price or below, I will not order it.  All prices listed are at or below comparable retail.

Prices are generally 5% to 30% less than the prices listed.

**Everything available is fresh flash-frozen and vacuum packed, and it was caught during the most recent season.  For instance, the Halibut and Cod were caught this spring, King Crab is always caught in October, and Salmon is generally from the previous summer.  That said, all of my seafood has a 2-yr. "best by" date, meaning the flavor/quality will be the same for over 2 yr. from when it was caught.  That's how good my fish is.  And that is why it is more expensive than what you will find in Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods and even most fancy fish markets.

Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon
Sockeye Whole Fillets .... (1.25 to 1.5 lb.) .........  $24.00/lb.
Sockeye Fillet Portions .... (8-12 oz.) .................. $29.00/lb. 
King Salmon Steaks ....... (3/4 to 1.2 lb.)  ........... $32.00/lb.
King Salmon Fillets ......... (3/4 to 2 lb.) .............. $39.00/lb.

Fish have bones.  Although most sockeye salmon fillets have bones removed, assume there are bones.  King salmon pin bones cannot be removed, but they are generally quite large and easy to find.  Generally, most tail fillets do not have bones.    

In addition to salmon, I will have other wild-caught Alaskan and Pacific seafoods throughout the year, depending on the season and availability. It is all sustainable, healthy, and of highest quality. All products are flash-frozen, which locks in the fresh-flavor and texture.  Please check back often to see what's available. 

Alaskan Wild-caught Seafood
Halibut 8-12 oz. $38.00/lb.
Certainly one of the best fish you can eat.  Very mild, flaky texture.  Difficult to cook.

Halibut Bits  1 lb. pack  $26.00/lb. 
      Great value for making fish tacos, salad, or sautéing.  Same meat as the fillets, just the small trim pieces.  Easier to cook.
Cod (Pacific Gray Cod) 6 oz. to 1 lb. $19.75/lb.
     This is premium cod.  It contains no preservatives like most cod found on the market.  Easy to cook.

Lingcod (Buffalo cod) 4-12 oz. $21.75/lb.  Very similar to cod, but considered by many to be a delicacy by the few who know this fish well. Easy to cook.
Sablefish (Black Cod, Butterfish)  8 oz. $44/lb.     
    Highest in Omega-3's!!  Healthy, rich whitefish, needs no oil or butter, grills excellent, very difficult to overcook.  Very easy to cook.

Scallops If you are looking for a treat, look no further (You deserve it!).  Alaskan Scallops are firm, sweet and delicious.  These are                             "Dry Boat" Scallops.  Sized by number of scallops per pound (i.e. 30-40 ct. means there are 30-40 scallops per pound.  Under 10 ct.,                    or U10, means there are less than 10 scallops per pound, or over 1.6 oz. each!).  Each package is about 1.25 lb. each.

 Small     (30-40 ct.) ............. $32.95/lb.
         Medium (20-30 ct.) ............. $36.95/lb.  
 Large     (10-20 ct.) ............. $38.95/lb.
 Jumbo   (Under 10 ct.) ....... $44.95/lb.

Shrimp   Alaskan Spot Shrimp are some of the best wild shrimp you will eat.  They have a firm texture and a clean, sweet flavor.  They come shell-on, head-off and generally do not have a mud vein to remove.  Sizes vary throughout the year, but I try to get medium to large size shrimp, 20-35 ct.  If you don't cook shrimp often, peel first, then cook for easier peeling--people tend to overcook these shrimp.

Alaskan Crab Legs are far superior to most crab legs found in the stores, which is Russian-caught/Chinese processed.  Aside from sustainability issues (overfishing), they are inconsistent in flavor, texture, and meat fill (how much meat is in each leg), and you really never know how long ago they were caught and how they were handled between China and when you buy them.  The crab legs I get are 100% caught in Alaska by U.S. fishermen and 100% processed in the Alaska under extremely stringent guidelines.  Once frozen, these crab legs pass through 1 warehouse before I get them.

Heating:  Alaskan Crab Legs are already cooked.  Just heat and serve.  You can simply thaw and eat cold too.  When heating, it is extremely important to not overheat.  Thawed:  4-5 minutes in boiling/steaming water in pot with cover (aluminum foil if lid doesn't fit.  Frozen:  8-10 minutes in boiling/steaming water in pot, straight from freezer into hot water.

King Crab Legs   The worlds largest crab, the Red King Crab. 

Large (1/3 to 1/2 lb. each)                       $36/lb.
XL (1/2 to 2/3 lb. each)       $49/lb.
Colossal  (over 2/3 lb. each!)         

Giant Snow Crab Legs (Bairdi Species)   $32/lb.
Please contact me for pricing if you would like a case of 10 lb., 25 lb., or 40 lb.

Bison  Wild game you can legally purchase! 
Bison meat can be found everywhere, but not this bison.  For over 3 years, I have been searching for a supply of this very unique product.  It is free-range, grass-fed, injected with nothing, and harvested like no other commercially available meat.

It is essentially wild game, therefore it is one of few big game animals you can legally purchase.  They are handled in a way that causes very little stress, which results in extremely tender, lean meat.  Their native grass diet results in a lean, delicious tasting meat containing healthy Omega-3 fatty acids (as opposed to the high Omega-6 fatty acid content found in grain-fed animals).  These animals are harvested on the range and processed in a small, clean family owned butcher shop in Rapid City, SD.  Additionally, by purchasing this meat, you are supporting grassland and bison restoration.

Check it out at 

Prices may include $1/lb. shipping charge

Popular cuts I often have in stock include:

Ground Bison, 1 lb.  ...................................... $18

Bison Burger Patties, 1 lb., 3 patties  ...........  

Brats, 1 lb., 4 brats ........................................  $21
100% Bison, No nitrates, organic ingredients

Hot Dogs, 1 lb., 8 dogs .................................. $22
100% Bison, No nitrates, organic ingredients

Disclaimer:  I do my best to get the right prices listed for the product.  However, I do make mistakes as I'm often in a hurry.  Please don't beat me up on the price if I have it wrong--that will not help me stay in business since my margins are very tiny as it is.  Thanks for your understanding.

List of products based on season and availability:

Wild-caught Alaskan Seafood:
Sockeye (Red) salmon
King (Chinook) salmon
Coho (Silver) salmon
Keta (Chum) salmon
Smoked salmon
Halibut fillets
Halibut steaks
Pacific cod
Black cod (Sablefish)
Smoked sable
King crab
Snow crab
Spot shrimp
Sidestripe shrimp

Wild-caught Pacific Seafood:
Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna
Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish or Dorado)

Welcome to Montana Dan's!  I am proud to offer some of the finest wild-caught sockeye salmon available, caught from the icy waters of the Bering Sea.  The greatest care is given to this fish from the time it is landed on the boat until it reaches you.  All of my salmon is gill-netted and landed fresh. Once on the boat, they are chilled to 31.5º F and kept ice-cold until processed within hours of delivery.  In addition, great care is given by fishermen and processors in handling these fish in order to reduce bruising, broken blood vessels, and separated flesh.  This all adds up to exceptional quality and long-lasting ocean-fresh flavor that the fishermen and processors take great pride in.  Since Montana Dan's is fisherman owned, you can count on getting the same great seafood every time.

Please contact me with any questions about the fish, delivery, payment, etc.  

Montana Dan's
Bad Axe, MI
Big Sky, MT

Phone:  (406) 570-5829

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